Automatic Cartridge Filling and Capping Machine

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THCWPFL-450 is a full-automatic cartridge filling machine. The biggest feature is the function of pressing and screwing caps. Its working mode is that the oil pipes of the oil barrel injection pump are all heated, and pure electric liquid injection, which has high accuracy, high efficiency and reduces labor cost. In addition, it is easy to operate, covers a small area, and the cleaning method is one button automatic cleaning.

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It also has a high-definition 7-inch touch screen, which is intuitive and clearer to operate. It also has high-precision syringes and various needles, suitable for various products.

At present, this is a fully automatic filling machine developed exclusively by us, which can fill all 510 cartridge products. Whether you press or screw the cap, we can do it for you. The operating system of this machine only requires one person to complete this operation.

Automatic Filling Machine
1ml Cartridge Filling Machine

The pure electric control of the liquid injection process is simple to operate, occupies a small area, has high precision, high efficiency, and strong stability. The most important thing is that it does not require manual operation of the product, Instead, we use our latest machine to automatically fill the product. This advantage is that it can heat the customer's product and also control the problem to reach the problem you want. Our machine stores 10 sets of systems, which is very convenient for some customers to fill multiple products.

In this way, one of our machines can fill 10 different product injections, which is equivalent to spending 100 people to fill one of your products, Our machines can provide you with convenience and save labor costs. If you are worried about not being able to operate, please do not worry. We have professional salesmen to answer your questions online at any time, collect your questions and needs, and discuss with our professional engineers to answer all your questions in time.

1ml 2ml 510 Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

We are mainly providing you with quality assurance, affordable prices, and after-sales service assurance, Rooted in an experienced and powerful company in this industry.

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