Filling Cartridge and Disposable Pod Thick Oil Filling Machine

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THCWPFL-100R is an intelligent high-precision filling machine. It can inject cbd, thc and some thick oils. The tube has a heating function. The barrel injection pump can be manually adjusted to control the temperature, so that the oil temperature in the tube can be kept at the best temperature control effect, which can reach 60-80 ℃. 1% extremely high precision, accurate perfusion.

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And it has been developed for many years, and has adapted to the customer's operating habits. It is easy to operate and easy to use. The atomizer can inject 0.2ml-2ml, the perfusion speed is between 1500 and 1800 per hour, and the perfusion speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of customers. 7-inch high-definition touch screen makes it more intuitive and clear. And it also has a high-precision syringe. 

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Touch screen, operation button, emergency stop. Specifically based on PLC storage capacity. Position adjustment, Filling amount adjustment. Filling speed adjustment. This machine is light and easy to carry, only 22kg. We have a good after-sales service, with a one-year machine warranty and a lifetime warranty for machine parts. There are teaching videos in every shipping package. Various needles are suitable for various products. 

This machine sells very well and has been exported to countries all over the world with a good reputation, including the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and other countries. And the turnover rate is also very high. Hundreds of units are sold every month.

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Factory direct sales lead time as fast as 5-7 days



Q1: Is the machine for thick oil?

A1: Yes, it suits for thick oil with high accuracy filling injector, Especially design for thick oil.

Q2: Can the machine heat oil?

A2: Yes, Our filling machine has heating function, at most heat 120 celsius, to make oil flow and keep oil warm.

Q3: What kind of products can machine fill?

A3: Machine can fill small bottle, syringes, plastic jars etc. We will send different spec of needles to match your products.

Q4: How long can it ship out?

A4: Our ex factory delivery date is 3 days, and normally it takes 5-7 working days.

Q5: Is OEM/ODM available?

A5: Yes, it's available. We can OEM your company name in the filling system, and your brand logo on the machine.



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